the back story

About Avedon

Like many other lucky people I learnt about life and growing up with two amazing grandfathers, Frank + Eric. Next to the enduring love of their families, each of them had another love – photography (Frank) and greyhounds + horses (Eric). Turns out I inherited all of these loves. 

One could say “they raised me well”.

Fast forward a few years (ok, a lot of years) and I now live with my family on our very own patch of paradise called Avedon Lodge situated in Manawatu, New Zealand. 

I share my life with Lindsay (my husband and CEO of all things Avedon) and Jack (our resident teenager, who happens to be pretty dang cool). I am proudly owned and bossed around by 2 horses, 1 miniature pony, 4 dogs, 2 sheep and a big smoochy cat.

Avedon Lodge has proudly been the home of 8 retired greyhounds and TC (our dear old horse) who all sadly have now passed away but will happily greet you in spirit at the Olive Tree or the Willow Tree. Avedon Photography was founded by Grace – my first retired Greyhound, who’s larger than life personality and unbelievably quirky nature inspired me to delve into the art of photographing animals. I knew I had found my “home” in photography.

Every single day, every single image, I aspire to produce works of art from good old fashioned, home grown memories. We want you to love putting these pieces of art on your wall – to smile, to remember and to truly treasure.

Unfortunately we lost Grace too soon but she is a constant reminder to me at how fragile life is and the important role that photography and artwork plays in our lives. 

Maybe, my grandfathers and Grace were onto something. . .

Love, Cate

meet the avedon team

Our Team




Insanely obsessed with Flamingoes &  Cheese.
Lives in a house plant jungle.

Chief Memory Catcher



Studio Manager

Tea lover. The Kitchen is her natural habitat. Mum to 2 kids, 3 dogs and a cat.

Ninja of All the Things




Loves afternoon naps. Karate Expert. Cate’s husband and Shimai’s Dad.

Boss of Everything