Friends of Avedon

friends of Avedon

"Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it's made by the friends we choose" - Tennessee Williams

Saving Hope Foundation

Saving Hope is a dog rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing charitable organisation set up by “a bunch of hard working and passionate animal advocates” determined to see that every dog has a fair go at life and not be euthanised simply because of their breed.

Founded by Hope, a gorgeous dog that I’ve had the honour of meeting and she even slept on my bed when I stayed with her family!


“The Saving Hope story begins with a pit bull puppy named Hope. We first met Hope as a sick and scared 4-week-old pup at a North Shore Animal Shelter. She was malnourished, dehydrated and without medical care and attention.  She was scheduled to be destroyed because of her breed. The council-run shelter would not release her for adoption or to a rescue agency, even with all the usual rights waived.

What followed was a great amount of hard work and determination by many in the local community to not let this injustice prevail.  It was a battle and a war that we simply had to win. Finally, the public outrage and resulting powerful social media campaign resulted in Hope being seized by the SPCA and fostered until she was old enough for her forever home with a Saving Hope Foundation family.Saving Hope Animal Rescue was born.

Hope, our gorgeous staffi pit-bull little girl puppy who started it all, is now a lovely lady with around 13 other little doggie brothers and sisters around her, all living together in peace and harmony , even if the harmony is a little noisy sometimes. She has grown into a happy, healthy and gentle dog and we are lucky to have her as a reminder of not only how much we’ve achieved so far, but also of all the innocent lives at stake if we do nothing. There are so many dogs still to help and we are just beginning our journey!

That’s her in the picture on the right. A gentle beautiful lady.

Not long after Hope was saved, The Saving Hope Foundation was formed. The Foundation’s sole mission is to give all dogs a voice, love, happiness, forever homes and good lives.”

If you’d like to learn more about Saving Hope Foundation please visit their website HERE


I Got Your Back Pack

I Got Your Back Pack provides emergency care packs filled with practical and essential items to the most critical cases of women and children – survivors of domestic violence – going through refuges nationwide. We also provide mens and age specific baby packs, packed with consideration and care.

I Got Your Back Pack was founded by a survivor of domestic violence who went through one of the Women’s Refuge safe houses with her young daughter. Forced to leave with nothing, the already exceptionally difficult situation was made tougher by having no basic toiletries or anything comforting to give her daughter. Hence the “small” concept to make a big difference came about, with every pack offering hope, encouragement and care, bundled together with essentials for some normality in a time of upheaval.

A small team of volunteers operates IGYBP from a donated packing station in Silverdale. All administration, communication and fundraising efforts however are run from our volunteer’s homes. We are so grateful for the time and space given to ensure we can continue to support those in need.

When you have a Family Portrait Experience with Avedon, we donate $55 to gift a back pack to a child in need. We love the IGYBP team and are extremely proud to partner with them. If you would like to reach out and donate please visit the amazing team HERE because when we all give a little bit, a little bit becomes a LOT.


Steffi's Cleaning Services

I LOVE CLEANING. Said nobody ever.  Except Steffi and her tip top cleaning team.

Cleaning our house is more of an Olympic Event. It requires a hardworking team, a captain (to bark orders) and only really happens once in a while (usually when our parents are about to arrive!)

I’d had enough of this (and so had my family) so we called Steff for our free quote. And life has never been the same. Steff and her team LOVE to clean. Not even kidding. They do a gorgeous job every single time. They pay attention to the little things that I didn’t notice until they were actually clean! I can now spend more quality time with my family – Thanks Steff!

Want your home to be spick and span like mine? Sick of cleaning being an Olympic Event? Then do yourself (and your family) a favour and contact Steff HERE