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Artwork for your home

Choosing Your Artwork

Choosing the perfect fine art work needn’t be confusing or considered a luxury item. Our fine art products are divided into two simple categories to make the decision making process as easy as possible;            Digital Packages + A La Carte Menu  

Digital Packages

Avedon proudly offers 3 Digital Packages that come with lots of bonus products, extras and goodies.

You can choose from “Some of the Digitals”, “Most of the Digitals” or “ALL of the Digitals”. What ever your budget or preference, we have something for everyone!

Our Digital Package prices start at $990

A La Carte Menu

We offer a range of stunning products to adorn the walls of your home. We’ll help you choose the perfect size for your wall and if your size isn’t listed, we’ll design a custom piece to suit your needs.

Our Wall Art is based around Collections, Storyboards and Hero Pieces. We use the finest quality products and offer a variety of sizes and most pieces are available in Canvas, Traditional Frame and Wood Prints. All our artwork comes ready to hang with Avedon’s care guide and a 75 year guarantee and matching digital files. 

We proudly offer 4 Avedon Collections of which are a group of individual art pieces. Please see below for more details.

We offer 2 story board options – The Beedles Collection (3 images) and The TC Collection (4 or 9 images). Please see below for more details.

We have a great selection of sizes and shapes of Hero pieces to delight every home.

Our Wall Art prices range from $590 to $1990

If you need further information please contact us at


Heirloom Box + Easel

The Fliss Collection

Named after our retired greyhound Fliss, a tiny greyhound with one BIG personality. Fliss was the boss of everyone! This big beautiful collection is named in her honour and boasts 7 stunning individual pieces. You’ll be starstruck with this gorgeous artwork adorning your wall.

The MG Collection

MG is short for Mixed Grill. Not kidding! Our retired greyhound was nothing short of model material. He was larger than life, fun and exuberant and why he’s the star in the example image. MG’s collection comes in this mix of sizes so it will suit any wall in your home.

The TC Storyboard

The TC Collection is our biggest seller and is named after our beloved old horse. TC was big, bold and beautiful! TC loved his food and always had lots to say! And just like our old TC, this statement piece will say a lot about your family! The TC Collection is a stunning storyboard consisting of your 4 of favourite images. It’s printed on archival quality, fine art paper.

The Beedles Storyboard

A Storyboard of 3 images. Size: 43x10 inch. Available in Traditional Framed only.

Heirloom Album

The Honey Collection

Named after our pet sheep, this collection is just as sweet as Honey! Our Honey is known for making a huge woolly statement whenever she enters the yard. This stunning collection will make a statement in your home! Display it as one big masterpiece or scatter the prints around the walls of your home!

The Flynn Collection

Our retired greyhound Flynn, was a quiet, simple and very elegant man. Which matches this collection perfectly. The beauty is in the simplicity of this collection. Imagine adorning your wall with your favourite 3 images. This collection is the perfect addition to your home.

The Tilly Storyboard

This gorgeous Storyboard had to be named after Tilly, our beloved ginger horse. She's an older girl with a wicked sense of humour but she's also a power house. One look from Tilly can say a million things, just like her name sake Storyboard.

Hero Pieces

Our Hero Pieces come in a variety of sizes and styles. The Hero Piece is a standalone piece that will pack a punch as artwork on your wall.

Payment Plan

Avedon Photography is proudly partnered with Fee Funders to help our clients have more options regarding payment. Fee Funders pay 100% of your invoice on your behalf, straight away, whilst you can spread payment over 3,6,9 or 12 months. This means you receive your gorgeous goodies from us right away! The team at Fee Funders are super friendly, their customer service is incredible and the process takes literally 5 minutes to complete – not kidding!

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Yes, absolutely! We have 3 Digital Packages to choose from. 6 Digital Images, 12 Digital Images or ALL the Digital Images.

There are beautiful digitals and products to suit all budgets and tastes. Simply purchase the ones you love most! Avedon’s fine art products range between $590 and $1990.

We’re here to help you! We have a unique way of helping you sort through your gorgeous images to find exactly what works for you! (but we know you’ll love them all!)

Your Avedon Portrait Experience includes 1x Complimentary Purchasing Appointment. If you feel you can’t decide on your order at that time, we are happy to book you in for a second session. The fee for Purchasing Appointments is $375. Payment is required at the time of booking the second session.

To make sure you benefit from any specials/gift vouchers/product credits, we ask that ALL decision makers are present at the Purchasing Appointment.

Yes, you certainly can! However, it is important to remember your prints and products from Avedon are professionally produced to achieve optimum colour and quality. 

Included in your digital package is a set of reference prints. Use these as a guide to how the print should look if you are printing from a generic photo lab. Please note that these generic labs typically do not use archival quality inks and paper however at Avedon we ensure you have the highest of quality.

We hope this doesn’t happen to you but don’t worry if it does because we archive all our images. Reach out to us and we can retrieve your images from archives for you. Our fee for this is $185

Of course! You are welcome to use your digital files on any social media platform. Be sure to share the love and mention Avedon Photography when sharing!

Absolutely! Avedon Photography is proudly partnered with Fee Funders to help our clients have more options for purchasing their artwork. Fee Funders pay 100% of your invoice total on your behalf straight away whilst you can spread payment over a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month period! We do ask that you pay a deposit of 25% upfront, which decreases the amount of your payment plan. For more info please head over to

All our orders are done during your Complimentary Purchasing Appointment. Please ensure that you have an idea of what products/packages you would like to order prior to your Purchasing Appointment.

However, if you do need more time we are happy to schedule in an additional Purchasing Appointment for $375. Payment is required at the time of booking the additional session.

We ask that you order and pay for your artwork at your Purchasing Appointment. We are happy to invoice you at this session if you would prefer to pay via bank transfer. However if payment isn’t made within 48 hours, we cancel your order and any credits you may have. Artwork is only sent to print when full payment is received.

Your bonus items are included complimentary and are a reference print for your digital files. These will act as a guide if ever you want to print these images at a generic photo lab.

Please note that these generic labs typically do not use archival quality inks and paper however at Avedon we ensure you have the highest of quality.

We ask that you allow 4-6 weeks for your artwork to arrive in our studio and to be checked that it’s perfect for you to pick up. Due to Covid-19 this may take slightly longer, but we’ll let you know each step of the way!