The Goetzlof/Sievers Family

Annie and her Fiancé Rachelle have a blended family that consists of Annie’s 3 boys and Rachelle’s 4 year old son. Despite there being four boys the family is calm and settled and the boys sleep all night so they get lots of Mama time in the evenings to relax.

The boys are happy, sweet boys who love the outdoors, particularly the river walkway and they love superhero play.

The family brought their two 11 month old HARDCORE labradors along to their session with them. These high energy dogs can drive them crazy at times but they would be missed if they weren’t there!

The Goetzlof/Sievers Family love walks along the Manawatu River, having home days relaxing with a movie or being out looking for adventure at the beach or Cloud 9 Trampoline Park.

This session was really important for Annie and Rachelle as it is their first blended family photo.