Family Photography

Moments, love & laughter

“Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”

For me, photographing families is all about capturing moments – moments of laughter, moments of love and even the crazy moments that always happen whenever kids are involved. These are the moments that are so fleeting, particularly when your children are small. Children grow so quickly! Their little personalities evolve and change, as do their likes and their dislikes. It’s so important to capture all these milestones in your children’s life because in the blink of an eye, your mischievous toddler has transformed into a young adult.

About Family Photography

I am passionate about documenting these moments for your family and for your future generations. And because each family is different, it’s important for me to understand who you are. So, before your family session I will send you a questionnaire. This helps me get to know your family better, learn about each family member, what types of personalities your family members have and all the things that bring you joy and make you laugh.

I will also advise you on styling, source the perfect location for your family and share my tips on preparing your children for the photo shoot. This ensures that on the day of your shoot, everything runs smoothly during your session.

Kids & Family Photography

Many parents are concerned their kids will run amok, misbehave or be uncooperative during the session. But I love a challenge and I love chaos! In fact, I embrace chaos. I live with a menagerie of animals, so chaos is just a normal everyday occurrence for me.

And yes, some children are extremely shy, may misbehave or have an abundance of energy but that’s okay! That’s life with kids, right? Not only do I embrace chaos, I have a knack for winning over every child who comes to one of my family sessions. My previous career as a specialist teaching assistant taught me lots of techniques to deal with children and make them comfortable.  So, I know all the tricks for managing children of all personality types. In fact, I am yet to meet a child who’s been able to resist my charms.  

Whatever type of family dynamic you have, my family sessions will reflect each of your family member’s unique and individual personalities.

Family Photography Fun

And I make sure it is fun! Each family session lasts approximately 45 minutes and takes place in some of the most beautiful and scenic locations in and around Manawatu in New Zealand’s north island. Whether you love the beach, the forest, a farm or a park, I will find the perfect location for your session.

By the time your session arrives, we’ll feel like old friends because we’ve already gotten to know each other in a pre-session consultation. During the session we’ll share some laughs, explore the local areas and share in some lively conversations. The afternoon will feel more like a fun family outing with a side-of-photography thrown in.

 How Long is a Family Session?

The family sessions are jam-packed with activities, fun and laughter. It’s a hive of activity for the entire 45 minutes as I keep everyone moving, motivated and entertained. I will offer you encouragement every step of the way so the shoot will feel natural and you will feel comfortable. There will be no awkward pauses or poses…just real moments of love, laughter, connection and affection with your favourite people. And before you even realise, the session is done, and you have some of the most precious family memories to display in your home.

After your Family Photography

After your family session I will show you some of the gorgeous products, wall art and professionally printed fine-art photographs on offer at Avendon Photography. We will then schedule your online design meeting where your stunning family photographs will be revealed.

With so many gorgeous images it can be difficult to choose! So, I will help you decide on the perfect artwork for your home and help you with your selections.

Avendon Photography offers artwork and products to suit every budget. Once you’ve chosen your desired artwork, we’ll finalise your order and discuss your payment options. Avendon Photography offers payment plans available through Fee Funders. Payment is required at the time of your Purchasing Appointment.

All artwork comes with Avendon Photography’s care guide and a lifetime guarantee and your finished artwork will be ready for collection approximately 4-6 weeks after payment is received.

Ready To Book Your Family Photography?

Are you undecided on a location for your family session? Please head over to the gallery page here to view more gorgeous families.