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“Just like every home needs a bathroom, I believe every family needs a pet to love.” – Cate Thomas, Avedon Photography

Pets aren’t just pets; they’re a much-loved part of the family. They’re always happy to see you, can always make you smile, particularly after a bad day, and pets are always loyal and trusting.

So, it’s only natural that many of my families want to include their beloved pets in a family photograph or book a pet photography session just for their pet.

I’ve photographed pets of all types! From llamas and chickens, from horses to sheep, from cats to dogs, from a stag named Ritchie to three celebrity goats! While I’d love to name-drop, I’m sworn to secrecy! But I can tell you these celebrity goats were very well-behaved, didn’t eat any clothes from the clothesline and…they have something to do with the New Zealand rugby world 😉

I’ll photograph your pet living his or her very best-life. Whether that be frolicking on the beach, chasing a frisbee, galloping around a paddock or snuggling with their human.

My entire life has revolved around animals so it’s only natural that pet photography sessions are a favourite part of my career as a photographer.

About The Pet Photography Session

Every pet is different and will have their own unique quirks, traits and personalities. It’s why we love them so much right? But it’s important for me to understand who your pet is, what they like, what they don’t like and what location is best suited for your type of pet. So, before your pet’s photography session we will have a pre-session consultation. This helps me get to know your pet better and will help me capture the perfect photograph of your pet living his or her very-best life.

I will also advise you on styling, source the perfect location for your pet and share my tips on preparing your pet for the photography shoot. This will include grooming tips, what to bring during the shoot to keep your pet happy and hydrated and any dietary requirements your pet may have. This is so I can reward your pet with a treat for being such a superstar after their photo shoot! All these tips will ensure that everything runs smoothly during your pet’s photography session.

Safety And Pet Photography

Many pet owners are concerned their pet will be uncooperative during the session. But I love a challenge and I love chaos! I live with a menagerie of animals, so chaos is just a normal daily occurrence for me.

But I do have some tips and tricks up my photographer sleeve when it comes to dealing with pets. And because I’ve grown up with a variety of animals, I am very conscious of safety and am confident dealing with all varieties of animals.

So whatever type of animal is a part of your family, my pet photography sessions will capture your pet’s unique personality and the love you have for your pet.

Pet Photography Fun

As with all my photography sessions, I make sure it is fun! Pet photography sessions take place in some of the most beautiful and scenic locations around Manawatu in New Zealand’s north island, or in the comfort of your own backyard. It all depends on you and your pet.

Whether your pet loves chasing a frisbee on the beach, exploring the bush, working on a farm or running around a park, we will establish the perfect location for your pet’s session.

By the time your session arrives, we’ll feel like old friends because we’ve already gotten to know each other in our pre-session consultation. During the photography session we’ll share adventures, explore, play and chat all about your beloved pet. The afternoon will feel more like a fun outing with your pet with a side-of-photography thrown in.

 How Long Do Pet Photography Sessions Last?

The pet photography sessions last approximately 45 minutes and are planned around you and the type of pet you have.

For example, horse owners may prefer to have photos in their dressage gear or perhaps dress in formal attire for a more glamorous shoot.

Others may choose to have their pet session at the beach where they can take their horse for a wild gallop along the beachfront at sunset.

Families with working dogs may choose to have photos on their farm whilst their dogs are working or simply relaxing on a bale of hay with their owner.

Whatever location you choose, at the end of your pet’s session you will have some of the most beautiful memories of your beloved pet.

After The Pet Photography Session

After your pet session I will show you some of the gorgeous products, wall art and professionally printed fine-art photographs available at Avedon Photography. We will then schedule your online design meeting where your stunning pet portraits will be revealed.

With so many gorgeous images it can be difficult to choose! So, I will help you decide on the perfect artwork to display in your home and help you with your selections.

Avedon Photography offers products to suit every budget and prices range from $220 to $1790. Once you’ve chosen your desired artwork, we’ll finalise your order and discuss your payment options. Avedon Photography offers payment plans or payment is available through Fee Funders. Payment is required at the time of your design meeting.

All artwork comes with Avedon Photography’s care guide and a lifetime guarantee and your finished artwork will be ready for collection approximately 4-6 weeks after payment is received.

Ready To Book Your Pet Photographer?

Unsure on the perfect location for your pet session? Please head over to the gallery page here to view more gorgeous pets.